Monday, 25 July 2016

Looking: the movie

Jonathan Groff in Looking: the movie.

I saw it yesterday. And... No. No no no. Well, let's take it from the beginning.

Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett & Frankie J. Alvarez.

Don't get me wrong, it was very well-made, it was fun and cosy to watch and the Looking-spirit was definitely there. I loved that! Defiitely. I've missed those guys. Especially Jonathan Groff. Patrick is so my favourite!

Jonathan Groff & Russel Tovey.

Of course, the scene with Patrick and Kevin was the best! Russel Tovey is just such a good actor! And not just because he's Britsh, just because he's fabulous! But, I did not approve of the ending. I don't want to spoil it all for you but...

Jonathan Groff & Raúl Castillo.

Must sayin'. Boring Richie... But at least there was a wedding. I'm going to b´miss Looking. And Jonathan Groff. A lot.


  1. I enjoyed the movie, and although that scene with Kevin and the goodbye kiss broke me into a million pieces, I was okay with it. I don't mind Richie, i knew he was gonna end up with him after how things went south with kevin. I loved this show and movie and i'm gonna miss these characters dearly.

    1. I do so not agree with you. Richie is more boring than wtching aint dry and I just can't like that ending. Never Ever.

    2. I do agree on one thing, I would've preferred that he ended up with Kevin FOR SURE. hell, i would've taken Dom over richie tbh lol