Sunday, 24 July 2016


David Ames & Marc Elliott.

So, Dominic and Isaac is on and I have been thinking of ship names. I haven't found any of these two guys so therefore I present to you: Dominac! I made that up myself. I think it's suitable. There's so many bad ship names out thre so I think this will stick. So, yay for Dominic Copeland and Isaac Mayfield and Dominac! Spread the word.


  1. I haven't watched him on it yet, but i'm glad it happened! Dominac sounds very exotic lol i like it! I'll make sure i catch up to this storyline soon!

    I have a new ship that i'm really enjoying! they're Bruno and Pol from a show called Merli, you can find it through a youtube account 'RKFanvidder' and when u press on the video, look to the description for ways to watch, becuz most of the videos are blocked almost everywhere! They're currently shooting season 2 of Merli, so that's promising! Hope you like it!

    I also finished watching Fabio and Nuno that you recommended and I love them to bits! you're so right, Fabio starts off a little obnoxious tbh but then his character development is so strong that it makes him such a great character! adorable and so cute!

    1. I haven't seen it either, but at least I've come to Dominic and Kyle so there's some action at least!

      I've heard of them and I will start watching as soo as I get the time!

      Yeah I know! They're just so adorable and cute! I love Fabio and his singing!