Thursday, 28 July 2016


John Bowe & John McArdle in Emmerdale.

Speaking of new couples, there might be a new couple in Emmerdale. Meet Lawnie! Well, we know about Lawrence White (John Bowe) and Harold Birch, the late husband of Edna, and their affair back in the days. Harold was released due to his marriage with Edna but Lawrence was sent to prison. He later met Ellen an got two daughters Rebecca and Chrissie, but it turns out that Lawrence is not the father of Chrissie (you know Chrissie who married Robert). Anyway, bla bla, Chrissie thinks Ronnie Hale (John McArdle) is her father bla bla, but it turns out that Ronnie is Lawrence former lover. And at least Ronnie still has feelings.

Lawrence at Ronnie's sick bed.

And it seems as Lawrence has some feelings to! But he's just so angry all the time! I never really cared for Lawrence, because he is definitely not a Robert fan nor a Robron shipper and he is just so annoying. But this I think I would really enjoy! I loved the scene when Lawrence opened up to Ronnie about the abuse in prison. And I really think it's refreshing with an older gay couple in a soap opera for once.

Ronnie at Lawrence's sick bed.
So I really hope this wi be something! Well, both of them seems to have feelings, so if only Lawrence stops being such a grumpy old man. Lawnie seems to be the official ship name and check them out in Emmerdale.


  1. I actually am enjoying this storyline. I don't expect much to happen between the two, however, that doesn't stop me from hoping. I remember everyone was watching this while Robron were away on holiday and the similarities between them and robron are so uncanny! One is a rich business man, the other is a working class man. one is married with a wife and kid that isn't his, the other fell deep and pleaded for the other one to be with him.
    Different times and definitely different circumstances leading the decisions robert/Lawrence made about their perspective relationships. It's never too late in soap world tho. so who knows?

    1. I hope we will get some snogging at least :)