Monday, 23 May 2016

Lalle reunion my ass!

I am so disappointed with the Lalle spoilers. Or the Larias spoilers maybe! I somehow knew that there were something fishy with the latest reunion! Ok, Salatut Elämät what ARE you doing?! This storyline is really unfair both to Lalle and Larias shippers! We are getting fooled and the Larias-ones are being pulled a bit too long! I really think the SE writers are lacking fantasy. Just get it on with it and don't let me suffer any more!


  1. This is too messed up even for my angsty-loving-self. i cannot stand the thought of Kalle being thought of as an 'easy choice', he shouldn't be reduced to anyone's second option. so wrong. as much as i ship larias, I don't want them getting back together if they're gonna pull this storyline on kalle. so many conflicting emotions here.

    1. So true! i am a Lalle shipper, but I ws a Larias shipper once so I will accept it. But not like this! This will ruin Kalle and I just can't stand it!