Thursday, 1 October 2015


Kevin Aponte and Jonathan Freudman as Alejandro and Diego.'s censored! All the same sex kisses are censored! This is as close as it gets! I just don't get it! Why oh why? Well, it's just what the world needs, more stigmatization around gay relationships! It's just laughable and sad. And I get really angry! I mean, it is an America-based television network! I know that some americans are a bit so-so about same sex anything, but I just don't get why anyone have to censor same sex kissing, american or spaniard! In the english wikipedia-page of the show you can read this: Relaciones Peligrosas is a novela that tells a modern, daring story with no taboos (except for the censoring of same-sex kisses), delving into the difficult and often-conflictive relationships between teenagers, their parents and teachers of a bilingual high school. That just makes no sense! I really would like to see some Alego kisses!

Sisley Dias and Duarte Gomes.

And speaking of censorship! Here's David and Xavier from the Portuguese telenovela Os Nossos Dias. And they are also censored! Not a single snog for us! And it is so frustrating! And I just don't get what's the difference between this telenovela and O Beijo do Escorpião. Ok, it is not the same production company, but it is the same Portugal, and it is also the same actors! At least one of them. And it is the same genre to. Really annoying because missing so much snogging. But it is quite alright anyway. It is, just like O Beijo do Escorpião, very well-made, and it is quite intriguing.

Duarte Gomes who plays David.

It is about David Lopes who is studying to become a chef and he is dating quite a lot of women at the beginning, to be a gay man. But he might be bi, I haven't finished the storyline yet. David is a quite alright character, but maybe a bit boring. But Duarte Gomes is great as always! But when you wtach it, prepare for a long wait before any action at all. Or, there will be no action because it is censored, but some kind of sparks at least.

Sisley Dias who plays Xavier.

In the fourteenth episode on youtube finally Xavier Cordoso shows up. He is a student and a hockey player who lives with his parents and younger brother. And he is gay. And closetered. Quite a ordinary story. But he is at least a more likeable character than David. But don't get me wrong, I don't dislike David, but he is just bleh. And take a look and appreciate how hot Sisley Dias is!

Xavier and David.

And because the show is censored this is as close at it gets.


Ok, here's a hug. Enjoy another gay storyline from the, apparently, restrained Portuguese.


  1. I'm a fan of your blog and when I read that you saw Alejandro and Diego and was upset by the censoring, I had to share this! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you! I've seen that but I still think it's quite censored! You still can't see a thing! But at least it's better that it's beeing cut off...

    2. I totally agree, I'm confused though and maybe the show was aired on another network but the name of the show I believe was, "Escorpiao" and the main characters were Paulo & Miguel (Miguel played by the same character who plays David in this show and they definitely showed them kiss, "A LOT" so it makes no sense to me why this show is censored

  2. Hello there Queer of Drama, I know this post is pretty old, but I started and finished recently Os Nossos Dias Xavier and David storyline and I got so frustrated when they censored the only 2 kisses they had, and I just wanted to know if you have any news of this changing, is there any way to get the uncensored episodes now in 2018? Thanks.