Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Hollyoaks bisexuals

And there has also been some bisexuals in Hollyoaks. Of course. And dykes as well. But let's get to know the bisexuals.

Gerard McCarthy as Kris Fisher.

First out is Kris Fisher. Kris Fisher were both crossdresser and not that scrupulous about his partners. He slept with a guy called Nathan, then a girl called Jessica, and a girl called Summer and later he starts sleeping with both Nancy (later Osbourne)...

Stephen Uppal as Ravi Roy.

...and her boyfriend Ravi Roy. Well, both the affairs was revealed and actually Kris, Nancy and Ravi decided to start a polyamorous relationship. That's a first in soap operas if I'm not wrong. I have never heard of any more poly relationship at least. Unfortunately there's not much to see of this relationship on youtube. That's a shame. And unfortunately the triad broke u because Nancy thought it was weird. What a shame! And I don't think that Ravi had any other same sex partners either. He moved from Hollyoaks in 2010.

Guy Burnet as Craig Dean.

Craig Dean was in the show for six years between 2002-2008. And I actually don't think he was bisexual. Well, I think all people are bisexual somewhat, but if there's just black and white, Craig was not grey. He was just a straight guy who fell in love with his best friend who happened to be a guy. But I count him to the bisexuals anyway. His and John Paul's lovestory was beautiful. Even though it didn't end well. That's a shame. But I kind of hope that Guy Burnet will come back and reprise his role as Craig Dean at some point and reunite with John Paul. Well, he's done it before!

Stephen Billington as Danny Lomax.

I'm not sure I like Danny Lomax. Well, he was a quite good guy and I didn't hate him with John Paul, but he was quite a bastard. He was openly bisexual, at least to his wife, but he also cheated on her. John Paul was really hurt, and so was Sam, but to his defense, he really loved John Paul. Fortunately, John Paul chose his son Ste instead. And speaking of Ste, he and Danny almost made out once before Danny knew that Ste was his son! How lucky that didn't happen! But he did have time s´to snog George a bit before he died. And I actually miss Danny and Sam Lomax. They were great! Especially Sam!

Nick Rhys as Lockie Campbell.

Well, Lockie took Hollyoaks by storm when he arrived last fall. As the fiancé to the McQueen cousin Porsche he arrived and did not hesitate to flirt with John Paul, even on his wedding day! And at least I didn't really like him when he arrived. He as well was a threat to McHay and I just can't tolerate that! But he was quite fun and when he and John Paul started something again this summer I didn't hate it. But it ended because he is after all married to Porsche and he also had an affair with Mercedes at the same time. How about that! Three McQueens at once! He would deserve a medal. But I am quite glad it ended with John Paul so he can reunite with Ste. So, as I told you before, I wouldn't hate Lockie with Scott. Harry is to young though. But perhaps a new gay character for Lockie? I just can't stand Porsche!


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Craig. I never watched his story with John Paul before, I still haven't finished but damn things are intense. and that's just how I like'em. the more emotionally dense/draining the story, the better lol

    1. You'r very welcome! I like Craig and John Paul together! Craig is not my favourite character, but those McDean feels!

    2. I literally finished the entire storyline in a day. Those McDean Feels indeed.