Monday, 9 March 2015

When girls fall for the gay guys...

Don't you just hate it? I mean, you can't help who you fall in love with but who would expose themself for the pain of falling for someone who there is a very very limited chance respond the feelings. I won't say that a gay guy can't fall for a woman, I mean we have seen it in Bob & Rose. If you haven't seen Bob & Rose? Just do it! Anyway, when a girl falls for the gay character, I really hate it. They just cause unecessary fuss. Here are some really irritating examples:

Olli, Christian and Rebecca in Verbotene Liebe.

Ok, on this picture Christian is actually kissing Rebecca (Jasmin Lord). Rebecca von Lahnstein... I really didn't like her before she became a lesbian. At first she dated Christians older brother Gregor, then she kissed Olli, then she used Christian for shopliftng and then she fell in love with him, even though she new he were with Olli. That is so disloyal!And she was so clingy and immature in those days. Didn't like her at all. She was clingy and immature at the same time as Olli and Christian had a tiff, and you can just imagine how messy things became! But then she started dating Miriam and became a little bit more interesting and then she went away in 2011. I didn't miss her. But in 2012 she came back with a new actor (Tatjana Kästel) and this is when it started to get interesting. She had a bisexual fling with Miriam as said, but now she completely fell in love with her brothers wife Marlene and this is when the magic happened. She was more mature and interesting in one episode than she had been in all her previous episodes together! So I have forgiven Rebecca. I like the new Rebecca.

Vanessa and Deniz in Alles Was Zählt.

Vanessa Steinkamp (Julia Augustin) has really changed for me through the years. I started by liking her because she was really supportive when Deniz and Roman started seeing eachother. Then she fell in love with Deniz and by then I really couldn't stand her at all! DeRo is a sensitive issue for me. I am a hardcore DeRo-shipper. If you come between Deniz and Roman I get really really angry. And at last death came between them once and for all. I have rarly cried so much... But I started liking Vanessa again. She is a real nice character, even though I can't forgive her for breaking up DeRo. But everyone deserves a second chance.

Carsten and Lucy in Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten.

And what is it with girls being really supportive about gay relationships before falling in love with them? In this case, Lucy Cöster (Sarah Tkotsch) fell for Carsten when her brother and his boyfriend was in jail! That is such a betayal. Thank gods Lenny had done som anger management and could be really cool about it. Lucy was also really cool and mature, and then she fell for her gay BFF and became a small brat. That was such a non-interesting storyline to follow. And it wasnt even a realistic one! The cruc´sh just came out of the blue and I hated it.

Roxy and Christian in Eastenders.

And Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) and Christian Clarke... Really? She, his best friend, who always was jealous of Syed were of course in love with Christian. What a joke! She always tried to kibosh everything she could between the couple. Roxy is a quite fun and interesting character, who even volunteered as a surrogate for Christian and Syed, but you can't really like her if you are a Chryed-shipper. And I am. Roxy is in the way!

John Paul and Hannah in Hollyoaks.

And poor poor Hannah Ashworth (Emma Rigby). She was a kind of beard for John Paul when he was in the closet and she completely fell in love with him. I mean, who wouldn't! John Paul is lovely! But he came out and Hannah's heart was broken. But she still couldn't stop being in love with John Paul and she did some quite weird things and really tried to get John Paul back even though she new he was gay and she tried to sabotage his relationship with Spike. She really hated Spike. She even had grudge to him when she met him years later. Quite childish. But Hannah was a nice girl. I liked her anyway, but I really didn't like her actions!

So. don't fall in love with gay guys in soaps! You will have all the soap opera viewers who are faghags, and there ate quite a lot, against you. That is so unecessary.

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