Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to get away with murder

There is a new series started in September that is quite cool. It's called How to get away with murder and is about a group of law students in Philadelphia. Each episode contains a new trial case, but there is also an ongoing murder plot through the whole series. It is great fun, grat actors such as Matt McGorry (Orange is the new black), Alfie Enoch (Harry Potter) and Katie Findlay (The Killing, The Carrie Diaries) and also some gay sex.

Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh.

Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) is one of the law students who has a lot of appetite for both life and sex. Whe have seen him hook up with a guy more than once. This character is hilarious, and I think it would be worth watching the series just because of Connor Walsh.

Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh and Conrad Ricamore as Oliver.

Even though it seems like Connor is quite confortable with casual sex, and lots of it, it also seems like he found a guy he really likes in the computer hacker Oliver. But right now he screwed it up and it's unclear if he will get a second chance. But I am intrigued to see how the character of Connor Walsh will develop!

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