Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Prioritizing again

Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell in Brothers & Sisters.

And on the subject prioritizing, it's not just soaps I need to prioritize, it's drama series as well! Right now I am watching Brothers & Sisters and the cute couple Kevin and Scotty. I am watching them from time til time on Netflix when I have the time. Right now I am actually on season 5, the last season, so there is not much left.

Sammy and Abdul in Tyrant.

And I also have some Tyrant left I have paused by episode six. I like the series, but I have prioritezed other storylines lately, but I will watch the end of season 1 soon. And, fortunately, there will be a second season, which is great! I just hope there will be some more Sammy and Abdul in next season...

Ian and Mickey in Shameless USA

And I have also bought the first seasons of both Glee and Shameless USA which I have to give my self time to watch some time. In Glee there is Kurt and Blaine and in Shameless USA there is Ian and Mickey. And also, I have to see the original, Shameless UK, as well!

Nathan, Stuart and Vince in Queer as folk, the original.

And speaking of british series with american remakes, one of my favourite gay series of all time is Queer as folk! There is also an american version, which was aired in five seasons. Me and my friend C started watching the pilot some years ago, but we gave up and shut it off after about half the episode. If I understand it right the american version will be quite alike the british origional at first, but then it will develop own storylines, but the pilot was just to alike. In a bad way, because it was much worse. But I have decided to give it a chance. And as a bonus, the version that I've got is subtitled in spanish, and I want to learn spanish, because of Fervid of course, so in the beginning, where I will be mostly annoyed I guess, I can concentrate on learning spanish at least!

The teens in Skins.

And I am also very keen on watching Skins. I have seen some parts of it before and I remember that I like it. Skins is also on Netflix so there is nothing stopping me from watching it. Accept the lack of time... Annoying that there is so much time that is lost on working, eating and stuff. Fortunately there is an autumn break coming. Last year I discovered Larias in that week. Oh happy days!

But again! What to prioritize? Where to start? Give me more hours in the day, please.

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