Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Autumn is here!

Janne, Aino and Tale.

So, bye bye Satula and well hello Salatut Elämät! And I am already irritated. I really don't like all the baby drama. It is so old with an accidently child with a gay dad as one of the main ingredients. And I just know that that will eventually lead to the break up of Lalle. So boring! And so old!

Petteri Paavola.

And also, Petteri Paavola will be back as Elias Vikstedt this fall. Blah... But he has been claiming that it will be a more mature Elias that will be returning. At least we will get that. But he has also said that there will be good times ahead for Larias fans and that there will be some delicious Larias stuff coming. I really really don't want that. But at least, Elias looks quite fresh.

Ronny Roslöf.

And speaking of fresh, how hot doesn't Ronny look in his beard?! I think Lari should have a beard. He should have a beard and Kalle as a boyfriend. And that's that!

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