Friday, 7 August 2015

I'm on a break

Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley.

I am actually on a break from Robron. I still do both like and ship Robron but I know about all the mess that's been happening lately so I thought I needed a break. I actually like watching ended storylines the best, because I like watching a lot of episodes in a sweap without have to wait for another episode to be uploaded on youtube.. To episodes in a week is just so frustrating! So I thought I should wait a while before continuing for Robert and Aaron to be on better terms with eachother. because I do thinnk there will be some more Robron action. i do believe that Emmerdale have investet too much in this couple just to ditch them.

Summr Fate.

And I do have to say, Emmerdale knows how to make awful accidents! Less is more is just not their thing. Emmerdale's accidents is always one accdent, follwed by another, followed by another and every new accident is worse than the other. Jackson's (Marc Silcock) accident is a perfect example of that! I will never wtch that episode again!

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