Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Pissed by YOU!

Really I'm going to be a bit nasty today. Yesterday MissFinlandia88 wrote this in the Elias story channel on youtube:

Outside this story line Kalle is again avoiding telling the truth and I'm really starting to get pissed of by him. He knows something his mom did and is hiding it from his dad. Why doesn't he learn it's best to tell the truth immediately cos it will be out one day anyway and people will be mad at you for not telling it straight away? Ismo really trusts in Kalle after they made up last time and this is how Kalle thanks him... It's like Kalle never grows up and learns from his mistakes. Lying once again.

I really just don't care about this character anymore at all and subbing these clips really is not fun at all cos I don't care about Kalle and them as a completely passionless couple without chemistry even less. I really agree with you people the story is really boring at the moment and I'm sorry about that. Feel free to take a break cos you can do it unlike me unfortunately :/

Well really Missfin, I would really want to take a break from you right now! (And btw, that comment about you wanting to take a break but can't, that is so unprofessional). It is a free world to ship whoever you want, but if you have that "official" role that you have subbing the Salatut Elämät scenes related to the Larias/Elias storyline, I really would prefer if you had a more objective approach! It is very obvious that you don't really like Kalle/Lalle and that you are a Larias shipper, but you have really done both the clipping and the subtitling poorly for quite a while know, and making such statements about Kalle is really immature, according to me. Maybe Kalle is never growing up and lying again, but we don't know that because you don't tell us because you are almost not subbing anything nowdays! Subtitle the whole story so maybe we can get our own opinion instead! Now it'just you dictating how we should think and that is so not cool. Maybe the storyline is boring BUT WE STILL DON'T KNOW THAT! I really think it's to bad that one person has monopoly on subtitling SE and that person is so subjective that we, the ones who do not understand Finnish, has no chance of getting an opinion of our own. Please please, can anyone else start subbing the gay storylines of Salatut Elämät, so we might get to see the whole story and to getour own point of view?! Because MissFinlandia is not doing that. I am so disappointed.

Pete Lattu as Kalle and Ronny Roslöf as Lari.

Nowdays I am a really hardcore Lalle-shipper. I used to be a hardcore Larias-shipper, but I can change my mind can't I? And I really don't think, as MissFin think that Lari and Kalle is passionless and has no chemistry, quite the opposite! But I know that "smaken är som baken" the taste is like the butt, and anyone can think what they want, but I really love Lari and Kalle together. Even though I think that Lari and Elias, that is Ronny and Petteri, had really really special chemistry. Ronny and Pete is not up that that standard yet, but they do have great chemistry and they are excellent actors so they are really a joy to watch. I love Lalle, some people love Larias, but it is really up to each and everyone to have their own opinion. Not to be indoctrinated by some youtuber. Keep your opinion to yourself and upload the storyline objectively! Because I am really thinking of taking a break from SE, but not because of Lari and Kalle. And I am not reading your comments again. Just sayin'.

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