Friday, 6 February 2015

The right choice!

Happy Lari and Kalle and sulking Elias.

Yes! Finally Lari made the right choice! I really am so over Larias. I've read lots of comments about Lari (Ronny Roslöf) and Kalle (Pete Lattu) and that they don't at all believe in the relationship and that Lari is uncomfortable with Kalle but I don't agree at all! I don't care if Lari used the same words as Elias did when he chose Miska (Juska Reiman), "I am with him because it is easy" or something, I genuinely think that he likes Kalle. He even said he loved him. And they looked realy happy and in love in the sofa. Elias (Petteri Paavola) is pathetic and he only has himself to blame because he dumped Lari first and Lari had the good taste to go for Kalle instead. Seriously, Larias is so 2013! Wake up, it is 2015 now, it's time fore Kalle!

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