Monday, 9 February 2015

Ship names

There's a phenomenon called ship names. Of course, they are the combined names of OTP's, like Johnlock (John and Serlock from Sherlock), Brangelina (Brad and Angelina) and Matlingsworth (Maya Matlin and Miles Hollingsworth from Degrassi). The last couple I certainly do not ship, but you know all about that... There are some really good shipnames amongst the fictional gays. Some of the just makes perfectly sense.


Larias (Lari and Elias from Salatut Elämät), Fervid (Fer and David from Física o Química) and Chrolli (Christian and Olli from Verbotene Liebe) are some really good examples. And it is very easy to be together with John Paul in Hollyoaks, because his lastname is McQueen, and everything works with a Mc; McHay, McCarter, MacDean, it just makes sense!


Some of the are not that great, but they work. Cenny (Carsten and Lenny from Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten), DeRo (Deniz and Roman from Alles Was Zählt) and WilSon (Will and Sonny from Days of our lives) are examples. I mean, Wilson is a real name. The current actor who plays Will actually has that as a surname, Guy Wilson. And he plays Will! You could get confused by less.


But. There really are som ship names that are horrible! Aarson is one. Aaron references to Aaron and Jackson in Emmerdale. And Aarson really sounds like an ass' son. Don't like it. And today I got to know that the official ship name of Lari and Kalle of Salatut Elämät is Lalle. Lalle?! That sounds rediculous. At least in my Swedish ears. But they couldn't be called Kari, because Kari is the homophobic relative of Elias That certainly wouldn't do. So I guess we're stuck with Lalle. But I for one would prefer Laitänen och Väänela instead. But I don't get to choose so... And they are not that perfect either... Is there some correlation between bad ship names and failed relationships you think?

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