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I felt McDean deserved an own post. I love McDean. Even though I love McHay as well. But it all started with McDean.

Guy Burnet as Craig Dean and James Sutton as John Paul McQueen.

It is a quite classic storyline with two troubled teenagers who becomes friends and does everything for eachother. They do everything from get into eachothers fights to dates two best girlfriends. Craig Dean, who is played by Guy Burnet, is dating Sarah Barnes and they have a quite stable relationship for som time. John Paul on the other hand, who we all know is a closeted gay is dating Hannah Ashworth, who is quite a goose actually. Very wimpy indeed. They are a bit on-and-off, because John Paul is not really enjoing the relationship, with all that implies (snogging and sex), because he is really in love with his best friend Craig. He actually tells him at one time because he can't bear it anymore, which leads to a bit of knot of the thread for his and Craig's friendship. They are also a bit on-and-off actually.

The first kiss.

But the strong friendship leads to a drunken kiss at a party which Hannah sees, and you can only imagine the rest. John Paul is actually wrongly to take the blame for the kiss because he is gay, but it is so obvious that it is Craig who kisses him. Well well...

Tom Vaughan as Spike and James Sutton as John Paul.

Nothing really happens though, cause Craig still dates Sarah and Johhn Paul meets his first boyfriend Spike, played by Tom Vaughan. I kind of like Spike. He s a nice guy. But Craig doesn't really like him and Hannah absolutely hates him! For no reason! But Craig is a bit jealous and it all leads up to him not being able to resist John Paul anymore, so they end up having sex. All on Craig's initiative.

Craig and John Paul after their first time.

Of course, Craig has a bit hard to handle what happened, and he seems a bit regretful. But it doesn't take long before the both has a secret relationship. But Craig's problem is he loves both John Paul and Sarah, and he is not able to choose. At last, he does choose John Paul theoreticly, but in practice. It goes so far as that Craig and Sarah gets engaged and John Paul makes her find out about him and Craig on their engagement party. And mayhem is on.

Craig and John Paul.

But it turns out well, because Craig is happy with his "choice" and he asks John Paul to move to Dublin with him, where he is going to study. But of course, no happiness lasts in Hollyoaks, John Paul doubts that Craig really love him because he can't show affection in public and he dumps him on the airport. It is all very sad. Craig gets to go to Dublin himself.

James Sutton and Jake Hendriks.

Back home in Hollyoaks, John Paul starts to have a secret relationship with the local priest Kieron Hobbs (Jake Hendriks). What's so shocking about that you might ask, but Kieron is a catholic priest and you all know about the chastity vow. Kieron is a quite nice man and a fun character, even though he is a priest, but he is quite boring as a bofriend I think. I mean, he is not Craig. But Craig comes back and John Pauls half brother Niall (long story) kills Kieron and John Paul has a hard time delaing with that. He even decides not to go with Craigto Dublin like he promised, because he is tormented with guilt. And he actually loved Kieron...

The sunset ending.

But John Paul changes his mind in the last minute and meets up with Craig at the train station and they get their sunset ending at last. And it could have ended like that. But it didn't. James Sutton went to Emmerdale for a while, but he had the good taste of returning to Hollyoaks after some years. Guy Burnet didn't so the story was told that Craig left John Paul just about as their baby (Matthew) was about to be born and John Paul slept with Brendan, dated Doug for a while, was Danny's dirty secret for a while before he ended up with Ste. And there we are now in a very messy HIV-storyline. I love John Paul and Ste together, and I really am a McHay shipper, but I am also a McDean shipper. But I've told you that before.

I really like the McDean storyline though. The story has just the right amount of agony as I like, and the actors, especially James Sutton, are brilliant! But Craig is straight though. He just fell i love with John Paul, an I guess it was expected that the love story would end. Sad though. And if fthe writers would like to reunite McDean in case of James Sutton and/or Kieron Richardson who plays Ste decieds to leave the show, I wouldn't be disappointed. Providing that also Stendan would be reunited of course. Beacause I am both a McDean, McHay and a Stendan shipper, and a sunset ending with any of the couples would make me satisfied. Or all of them, in some kind of poly relationship would do as well.

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  1. Hi #McDean are the best and there back together in 2017, of screen at least as Craig called John Paul on his final scene and the epic last song played in his last episode aswell as I count to ten https://youtu.be/hCdBxy5jb8g