Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Zude summer special

Brent Antonello & Adam Senn.

Well for me it actually was a Zude summer special since I don't really care for the whole thing, even though I did watch the whole episode this time! It is well made, but basket ball don't really do it for me... But I was NOT disappointed! What an episode! The whole internet is buzzing about the shower scene, which was really good (not as good as DeRo's of course) but the image above is from my favourite scene! How cute they are! And I love that Zero is so affectional now days, I really do! But I just have to say that everything is almost too good right now. Zero is the most loveable guy ever who show's his love fore Jude in public like all the time now and Jelena just gives the responsibility of everything to everyone just like that! I think that it's either going to go really bad soon or this actually was the end of Hit the Floor. I certainly hope not. I want more Zude. And I want a wedding. If the series continues I think it will be.


  1. We got Zude hotness.
    We got Zude Cutness.
    We got Zude in panic mode.
    We got Zude all loved up in public.

    I'd say life is pretty good for us Zude fans right now.

    I believe this summer special was basically James Larosa making sure the storylines got the closure they needed for the fans, just incase it doesn't get renewed for a forth season.

    but if it actually does get renewed, it sets up the new season for things to go horribly wrong (hopefully for everyone but zude lol)

    1. Well, nothing's sure yet but I do hope that there will be another season!