Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Way He Looks

A couple of days ago I saw the Brazilian movie The Way He looks, or Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho, as it is called in original. And it was absolutely amazing. It was a sweet and charming movie about first love, that I guess all of us can feel som sort of recognition in. And it is very beautiful, in a minimalistic way.

Tess Amorim, Ghilherme Lobo and Fabio Audi.

The movie is about Leonardo (Ghilherme Lobo) who is best friends with Giovana (Tess Amorim), and he is also blind. He does not have many other friends, but when the new guy Gabriel (Dabio Audi) shows up, they immediately become friends. And perhaps even a bit more...

Gabriel and Leo.

And the actors are really amazing! If you haven't already seen the movie, please do, because it is really wonderful. It is released on DVD and Blu-ray and there are subtitles. My Portuguese is not that good, sot that is crucial. And what I really do like abou this movie is that it is really no fuzz about their love. It is a coming out story, but really no more drama than necessary. We are almost there where there's no drama at all. At least in the movies. At least in some movies...

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