Tuesday, 9 September 2014


In a tumblr I use to check out, I think it was this one, the concept Sextmeber occured along ith this image:

I guess it's all from Shameless USA. I like the concept so I decided to make an own sextember tribute. But to find hot and steamy pictures from hot and steamy sex scenes between gays in soap operas was easier said than done. Gays usually don't get to have sex scenes. I guess the only ones that got to get some sex scenes worthy of the name are DeRo (Deniz and Roman ) and Chrolli (Christian and Oliver). And a little bit of Ringo with Yannick and Aaron maybe... But here is my version of Sextember!

It's nothing special really, just a small collage made i picCollage, and some of the photos are not actually sex scene photos, but some kind of foreplay or just snogging, but at least we have both WilSon (Will and Sonny, Joschka (Joscha and Kai, Chrolli, Yango (Ringo and Yannick), DeRo and Larias (Lari and Elias). And that is not bad. That is not bad at all...

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