Saturday, 15 March 2014

The BIG coming out!

Yesterday on the 14th of March finally it was the big day. The day of Joscha coming out. And it was beautiful!

Joscha and Kai's first kiss in public.

The episode 1892 of Alles was zählt figured around the indoor football tournament at the Steinkamp centre and the episode both contained an "Ich liebe dich", two nice kisses, and circuling camera and Tammy Wynette. Bra skit. The storyline will take an unpleasant path, but for now just enjoy!

Alexander Gier as Kai and Carlo Degen as Joscha.

The actors Carlo Degen and Alexander Gier are really doing a good job being convincing as a couple in love. The are having this kind of panting, heavily breathing passionate dialogs that I like. And lots of deep looks. They are both good looking and it's not a minus that Carlo Degen has a bit of a unibrow. Unibrows are characteristic.

What has the future for Joscha and Kai?

Hopefully Joscha and Kai will be a long lasting couple. Both characters are really likeable and Alles was zählt really need a gay couple. It has been way to long since Roman and Deniz! But it is a soap, and we can imagine it will be a bumby road to happiness. Right now I wonder what will happen to Raquel now that Joscha revealed that he is gay and people will know that the marriage is a sham? And will there be any truth in the theories that David is not only Joschas and Lukas father, but also Kai's? Will Kai loose his job and what will Can think of the Killer's boyfriend! The tension thickens!

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