Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Larias snogging.

Finally we got some Larias snogging! I have been waiting. Love the word snogging. Much better than the swedish word: hångel. I read on the Larias discussion board on Gaydaytime a post about how the storyline is porely written because Elias is not a cheating guy. Well maybe he aint but this is matter of love. I am convinced that Elias really loves Lari and not Miska when push comes to shove. It's obvious. And it's a soap and it's a matter of true Larias-love and then everything is allowed. I know that Elias will turn Lari down but I claim that a door has been opened. There will be a Larias reunion. And once again, Miska is a great guy but he is so god damn boring! I mean, Lari is a hockey player. Just such a thing. More snogging for Larias!

I've borrowed the picture from the wonderful simonexoxlouise on Instagram.

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