Saturday, 8 March 2014


Christian and Syed.

Today I would like to present Christian Clarke and Syed Masood from the long-running british show Eastenders. Their love story started in 2009 when they started working together in a catering business. There were early sparks but Syed was in bit denial since he was a muslim and also had a girlfriend. He solved that by getting married to her. Christian on his hand had the longest patience in history and fought so hard for his love and didn't get much appreciation back.

Christian has been gay bashed.

This is a couple with lots and lots of on-and-offs and they really had a lot to fight against. Christian was gay bashed once, almost killed by Syeds father in law, he was bullied by Syeds parents and njot even his sister stood behind him when he wanted to fight for his love at first. Syed on his hand had to have sex with a woman against his will, he was disowned by his parents sveral times, he was unemployed, he had a child without knowing it and he was not accepted by his mosque. But he also cheated Christian, lied a lot and swindled his family on a lot of money. For the second time! But I love the story anyways! Some parts are a bit boring and in the clips you can se on youtube there are a lot of the Masood family drama that is not really that interesting. Syeds mother is quite a moody woman. And in a way, I have hard to take the actress Nina Wadia seriously because I saw her Goodness gracious me with the same accent! So her scenes are a litte bit like a scetch comedys. And for the way she treats Syed you can't really like her. Even though she becames good in the end.

Marc Elliott and John Partridge.

The actors John Partridge and Marc Elliott is portraiting the charcters of Christian and Syed very well, and it is really nice to see a couple of grown up men falling in love for once. The most common thing in soap operas is that there are teenagers or guys in the early twenties that get to fall in love. And the couple is a quite ill-matched couple that match really well together in a way. The story almost ended bad when Syed almost fucked everything up but he choose the right way and married Christian and the left Walford with him, and it has been told that Christian and Syed still are together and has a good relationship with their doughter Yasmine. Happy endings do exist, even thou there was a bumby ride there.

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