Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nordic gays

I have told you before that we don't really have much to be proud about in the Swedish gay soap scene. So what about the other Nordic countries?

Ronny Roslöf as Lari Väänänen and Petteri Paavola as Elias Vikstedt.

We have the Larias storyline from the Finnish soap opera Salatut Elämät of course. But right now there isn't any Larias, rather a Miskias because Elias is together with Miska right now. But I don't like that. Neither the name or the pairing. Lari and Elias, played by Ronny Roslöf and Petteri Paavola, has had a rough story. From the beginning there was a very much wardrobed Lari and a Elias that not even liked Lari because he was bullying Elias. Classical homophobic homosexual in denial. Lari also had to put his hockey career on the shelf and he also got disowned by his very very very much homophobic father. They also broke up a couple of times. And Lari was sent to an anti-gay camp. Elias followed him there but left without Lari when Lari kind of wanted to stay there because he didn't want to be a gay and Elias hopped in the sack with Miska. And he the stayed with Miska instead of trying once more with Lari, even though Lari begged him. Why oh why?

Juska Reiman as Miska Koistinen and Elias.

Don't get me wrong, Miska is a really nice guy that several times has showed that he has a big heart. And the truth is, he probably is a better and more honest guy for Elias, but that is not how it should be! Lari and Elias had so many on-and-offs and so much drama that they just have to end together. I mean, it is a soap opera isn't it? Right now it has been a little mor interaction between Lari and Elias than for a long time, but the spoilers told me that Elias will turn lari down and he will go gay clubbing with Kalle who is a fourth gay character in Salatut Elämät that was in the original cast from 1999 when the series started.

Pete Lattu as Kalle Laitela.

Kalle Laitela was in Salatut Elämät between 1999-2002 and then came back in 2012. He made big lines when kissing a man and the channel also got lots and lots of complaints about it. But that was then. The Larias storyline is very popular worldwide. The Kalle storyline can be found in youtube, but just the beginning of it because there are just DVD-boxes with the first few hundered episodes. What a shame because I liked the storyline. The current storyline is unfortunately not to be found on youtube as the Larias story that Missfinlandia88 is uploading. And that is really a shame because I really like Kalle. What I know is that he is a doctor, he dated Katariina fore a while and he once got raped by his ex boyfriend. I am so looking forward to Kalle stepping in to the Larias storyline. Hopefully there will be some snogging!

Andreas Kvisgaard as Stellan and Mathias Ambjør as Måne.

After ploughing the Larias storyline this autumn I needed a new gay storyline, and that fast. I found the Norwegian Måne storyline from the soap Hotel Caesar. The series has been running since 1998 and first in 2012 the first gay character appeared. Quite embarrassing. Måne Lillevik (Mathias Ambjør) was the teen in the Anker-Hansen family that got some snogging and a brief relationship with Stellan, played by Andreas Kvisgaard. The interaction between them was very cute and tender, but it ended to early. And afterwards Måne only cared about the family business and how to scheme family members. Quite a boring end.

Pelle Hvenegaard as Jens-Erik von Bech and Martin Hestbæck as Thomas Wallin.

After watching this storyline a wanted a Danish one. And there was one! In the TV-series 2900 Happiness there was Jens-Erik von Bech and Thomas Wallin. Two more middle-aged men that met and fell in love, even though Jens-Erik only had been with women before. A classical theme. The two characters got really serious really quick and even got married. But Jens-Erik got greedy for power and to crush his father who never believed in him. Jens-Erik got slapped and Thomas went to China. But it was told that the couple got reunited later on. Cute and nice to se a muture couple among the teenagers. A fun fact: Pelle Hvenegaard was actually playing Pelle in the movie Pelle Eroberen/Erövrararen from 1987.

After seeing this storyline an Icelandic one was in it's place. But there was no one to find. A disapointment. Don't you have any soap operas on Iceland? I assume you have gays. And I really hope for a Larias reunion, a comback from Måne and a reunion of him and Stellan and I hope for more Danish gays. And Icelandic ones of course. The more the merrier!

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