Monday, 10 March 2014


The last episode has been aired and it didn't leave me dissatisfied. And it will be a second season! Thank you HBO! There is lot's and lot's to like about the show. It is not censored like gay love often is on TV. This show is in fact about three gay men, so it would be a scandal if it was censored... But Looking feels really realistic without sugary cuteness and dramaqueers. It's quite ordinary but very sexy.

Murray Bartlett, Jonathan Groff and Frankie J. Alvarez.

Looking is about the three friends Dom Basaluzzo (Murray Bartlett), Patrick Murray(Jonathan Groff) and Agustín Lanuez (Frankie J. Alvarez) who are more or less unsuccessful in love and work. Sometimes they get laid, and sometimes not. I'm sure they have slept together in lost times as well. They are quite ordinary and it's refreshing to see some gay characters who are adults.

Patrick and Kevin.

For me the character of Patrick is the most interesting and the others works as supporting rolls in his storyline in a way. I hope that the second season will let us get to know Dom and Augustin better. Eight episodes are really not that much. I especially like the interaction between Patrick and his boss Kevin played bu Russell Tovey. Richie (Patricks boyfriend) is a nice guy, but Kevin is the shit! He is handsome, British and has big ears, what's not to like? For me he is the obvious choice för Patrick. I really need to see Glee now... To bad it's a whole year until the next season... We need more gays on TV and we need lots of Looking!

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