Monday, 8 August 2016

Bruno & Pol

I was recommended to watch the Bruno & Pol storyline by two people and... I'm not sure! I did not fall in love, that's for sure.

Merlí and his students.

The storyline is from Spanish series Merlí about at philosophy teacher who is also Bruno's father. The series seems really good, actually. There are interesting chracters and it's very well made. So far everything good. But I wonder, are there really any Bruno & Pol lovestory? After watching the first season I'm not sure.

Carlos Cuevas as Pol Rubio & David Solans as Bruno Bergeron.

Bruno Bergeron (David Solans) and Pol Rubio (Carlos Cuevas) is in the same class and has been friends for a long time. Bruno is a closeted gay and ballet dancer (yes, nobody knows that he's dancing) who has been in love with his friend Pol forever so it seems. They have a sweet friendship and an interesting relationship, but I don't know if this really is a love story. O, they had sex once but Pol states that he just wanted to try it. And I think it might be so. He usually sleeps with girls and he might be bisexual but I really don't think he is in love with Bruno. So we got a quite steamy sex scene but I don't really know what all the fuzz is about. And also, Bruno is really an asshole! He is a quite good friend and he has good sides but how he treats his teacher, there's just no excuses! I might be extra sensible about that because I'm a teacher, but... no! I just can't stand it! Bruno is supposed to be the main character of the students I guess, but I don't really like him. Pol is much more likeable. So no, this was not as good as I hoped for.

Iñaki Mur as Oliver Grau.

But there will be a second season so it might develop to something else. Maybe there will be a lovestory anyway. And there's also another gay character, Oliver Grau (Iñaki Mur), who arrives to the class quite late in the series, and he is openly gay. And seems really nice. So there might be something between him and Bruno? But I would actually like him with Pol more. But I'm not sure about him... Well, let's see what happens in the second season. I might be surprised!


  1. I do agree that Bruno was a bit of a douche during this season, especially with the teacher and his father. I do think that a bit of redemption would be good for him during the second season.
    Bruno and Pol have a solid friendship, but I think the show runners have something planned for the two, especially after the way they ended the season.
    I'm hopeful but hesitant at the same time. I really did enjoy the show and Pol is a great character. the stuff with his family was really emotional. he's a bit of a player, but he's so handsome, i forgive him for it lol

    1. Well, I'm not sure. But let's see what they have for us.

  2. Bruno is a complex character, like his father we see his good side and his bad side too. He is angry most of the time, he can be abrasive towards his father, his friends or his teacher (something that he regrets).
    Pol is not an angel either, he is a good guy and he is in a bad situation but he has a tendency to use people. He used Bruno, yes experiment is ok, but it's not ok to do it with someone you know is in love with you, and he used Berta too (other character that is far from perfect).
    In fact Bruno is not that different from the other characters of the show, even Joan who is the classical good guy has his dark moments. And that's one of the reasons the show works so well.
    I doubt Oliver and Bruno will be a couple, they are very different and at different stages of their lives (Oliver is two years older and has a lot of experience)

    1. Well, even so I dont really see the Bruno & Pol thing. I actually think it should end with one time only. I am not that fond of this storyline. The show is good though!