Monday, 26 January 2015

Another disappointment

I am actually quite disappointed with the latest Larias storyline. No, I am actually disappointed with Salatut Elämät in general. What are you doing?

All the gay characters of Salatut Elämät in the same picture. Blimey!

Ok, as I told you before, I was a huge Larias shipper. I am not any more. I mean, it is boring! The really pulled the stpry too far. If the intensions are to get Lari (Ronny Roslöf) and Elias (Petteri Paavola) back together, why didn't you last spring? I mean, we were up for it then. Now there is an more suitable love interest for Lari if you ask me. I think that Kalle (Pete Lattu) is better for Lari because Elias is a whiney little brat. And now, it might seem as they are planning to end the Lari and Kalle love story before it really started, and that is the easy, more boring way to go. I don't approve! But it seems like Miska (Juska Reimann) will break the engagement, and I think it would be an interesting twist, and a bitch lap, if Elias got dumped and Lari managed to keep his boyfriend.

The kidnapped Lari and Elias.

And the kidnapping storyline! What is that? There are so many holes in that storyline that I can't count! I mean, how could Marianna carry Lari, Elias, Heidi and Janne by herself to the nest? Especially when it turned out that the nest was a room in Heidi's appartment! I mean, somebody ought to have seen her! And it is not that believable that Heidi wouln't notice anything, that she had prisoners in her home. And what about toilet visits? Really? They couldn't have not gone for the toilet in weeks. They same problem for Dodger in Hollyoaks. To make it believable, take the kidnap victims to the toilet or at least give them a potty! I am glad this storyline seems like it has come to an end, and I really hope they make something good with Kalle and Lari. Otherwise I think they wasted a whole year of precious Larias-time. At least, a proper storyline with Lari and Elias is better than this!

(And also, I am really disappointed in the clips on youtube. It is great that there is a pioneer that translates them, but lately it feels like only the most essential is translated and the scenes are cut so we can't see them i whole, and the storyline get's really cut into too small pieces. Right now, ,it actually feels like the translation is limited to the lines that direct linked to the Lari/Kalle/Elias/Miska-stoyline, and I for one would like to see the scenes in whole. I wish I understood Finnish.)

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