Sunday, 16 November 2014

A little bit of retro: Jack and Doug

The cast of Dawson's Creek.

When I was 15 years old Dawson's Creek happened. And it was amazing! I loved all the characters (especially Pacey) and all the actors and I recognized myself in all the characters problems and I guess I wanted to live in Capeside and hang out with the gang. My family though, they thought the dialogue was way to mature for 16 year olds. I didn't agree. Mostly of stubbornness. But I loved in anyway.

Andie and Jack McPhee.

In the second season Jack and Andie McPhee showed up. The most loveable characters, except for Pacey, in the series. I actually never liked Dawson and Joey. Jen was alright. But Andie was fun and Jack was gay. But we didn't know that back then, because he dated Joey. One relationship doomed to fail. But Jack and Joey was actually the first couple in the series to have sex if I don't remember it wrong. And actually, not everything was great with the series. The drama and shenanigans about sex was really not believable. I was a teenager back then and I remember it as you started dating, snogging and then yu got horny and had sex. No one never talked so much about having sex before having it! And in the later seasons I actually got bored. Especially when they move from Capeside and started university. So I stopped watching.

But later, my friend Karin told me about the last season. She told me, and now there's a spoiler alert, Jen dies, Joey and Pacey end up together (yay!) and also, Jack and Doug end up together! Double-yay!

Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee.

Ok, we have to rewind a bit. So, Jack McPhee is gay. After a fling with Joey, he comes out and he is dating some various guys through the seasons. Ethan, Tobey, Eric, David... I cannot remember a single one of them. But I do remember Doug!

Dylan Neal as Doug Witter.

Officer Doug Witter is the older brother of Pacey who is a bit of a bully. A homophobic bully. Pacey on his hand, thinks that Doug is gay and is giving him hell about that. Doug denies that, very furiously. But I always suspected that he was a very closeted gay guy. And I was right. And I always saw a spark and was hoping for Jack and Doug to get together.

Jack and Doug. At the beech. Finally!

So Karin told me that Jack and Doug ended up together. But this was in 2003. There was no Netflix or Pirate Bay in 2003 in my world at least, so I had to just live with the pleased knowledge that Jack and Doug ended up together. But later in the 00's Youtube happened and thank gods for that! Youtube made it possible me and averyone else who got tired of Dawson's Creek's splendidness to watch the very nice, but short, love storyline of Jack and Doug. And it was very cute. And it actually made me wanting to watch the entire Dawson's Creek again. Maybe it makes me feel young again. Or very old...

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  1. I liked hearing your take on Jack and Doug before they got together and am glad you got to finally see them on Youtube! Worth the wait! -Jen