Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A little bit more "retro": This Life

I have to be honest. Lately I haven't felt like watching much. I am watching the upcoming episodes of Degrassi, General Hospital and Larias, but I just don't feel like catching up with Verbotene Liebe, Hollyoaks, Eastenders and Days. And if I don't watch much, I don't have as much to blog about. But I can't neglect my readers so I will recommend yet another series, and that is one of my favourites: This Life.

The This Life cast.

This Life was aired 1996-1997 and was about five 20 something friends who shared living i London. In the beginning, all of them was working with law something. And it was great. A good plot and great actors. I mean, Jack Davenport and Andrew Lincoln. What's not to like?

Jason Hughes as Warren Jones.

And of course, there was a couple of gay characters. In series 1, Warren Jones was a regular. He was, if I can remember it right, a bit of a closetered gay guy. Warren was played by Jason Hughes, and yes, it is the same guy that is helping Inspector Barnaby sloving murders in Midsomer.

Ramon Tikaram as Ferdinand "Ferdy" Garcia.

At some point, Warren hooks up with Ferdinand "Ferdy" Garcia (Ramon Tikaram). Ferdy has a girlfriend but apparently likes boys as well. But it doesn't end well and Warren leaves the series and Ferdy moves in to the house and becomes a regular. And some fun facts: Ramon Tikaram who plays Ferdy is also the actor who plays Amira, Syeds wife, in Eastenders. he is a bad ass homophobe. But Ferdy on his hand, hooks up with Lenny, played by Tony Curran, who is one of my favourite actors (I have many) and that is always a pleasure to watch.

I really think you should see This Life, because it's a joy! I haven't found This Life somewhere online, but you can buy it on, Amazon and Ebay. It is well worth it!

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