Monday, 6 July 2015


Aino, Janne and Tale in Satula.

So, the summer spin-off from Salatut Elämät is on! Or it has been for two weeks but yesterday MissFinlandia88 had subbed and put the four firts episodes on youtube. And I have to say that I have so much more hopes for this one than last years summer spin-off. Young girl, dream girl was really no good. But this seems to be really fun! The story is about Janne and Tale and how they go to Ulla's cousin Ulpu (is that really a real name?) to help her with her art school. There they meet Aino who was in the series between 2008-2010, so that was before my time. And also they meet a lot of people who looks like other people...

Ronny Roslöf and Petteri Paavola.

Satula seems to be some kind of virtual reality or dreamworld where all the pople are exact copies of people in Salatut Elämät. For example, the copies of Lari and Elias, real hillbillies, are called Kristoffer and Pauli, and they seem to be real homophobes. And Petteri has a moustache! And also, Kari Taalasmaa, who is a real homophobe in SE, his copy in Satula is gay! I already love it, after just four episodes. There is going to be 20 episodes which airs online on tuesdays and thursdays. MissFinlandia88 puts the episodes on youtube when she has time. And that is great, because I still don't know any Finnish!

Pete Lattu in Satula,

And we might also have this to look forward to. If it's not off the screen, but why would Pete Lattu have ginormous earmuffs off screen? He is really cute though! And I am so curious of what character he plays, cause I guess it's not Kalle Laitela! So do watch Satula, it really seems to be great fun!

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