Thursday, 2 July 2015

G&T Kickstarter

Matteo Rocchi as Tommaso and Francesco D'Alessio as Giulio.

Don't you just like me love the Italian webseries G&T? It's just so amazingly good and do really need a season three, just as Looking, In the Flesh and Carrie Diaries does. And unlike the three last series mentioned, there is actually something you can do about it, to help a third season to become true! watch this:

The cast and crew has started a kickstarter crowdfundling and you just have to support it! As they say in the video, the series and project is very important for Italy who, unlike USA, hasn't got marriage equility, just as one example. To support this cause, follow the link to the kickstarter site:

Please please please do! I have already done it! And if you have missed the wonderful series, do not hesitate to watch it! You are so going to love it! Follow the link:

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