Thursday, 21 August 2014

Eine kleine DeRo revival

On tuesday, 26'th of Ausgust that is, episode 2000 of Alles Was Zählt will be aired. Because of that some of the actors have chosen has chosen som old scenes to watch and comment. A lot of laughter, "Oh how do I look"-comments and such stuff figured in that clip. Lot's of fun to watch if you are and AWZ-fan.

Igor Dolgaschew remembering Romans death.

But which clip did our Igor choose? Well he choose a quite grievous scene, that is when Roman died. Oh the pain. In the clip we get to see how Igor Dolgaschew is watching the scene, spellbound. And then he says something about how powerful the scene is and we can also see how he is sweating while watching it. Dearest Igor, you are so nice and by choosing this clip and letting us watch you watching it, you are letting us see how important and strong this story was for you, the series and the viewers. I can only guess that Dennis Grabosch is feeling the same. But by watching it I really realize how crappy my german is. I really don't understand that slurred and fast-speaking german. I have to exercise my german more often. And I also have to confess that I haven't watched this storyline to the end yet. I came into a period where there is almost no DeRo scenes (that takes the story forwards that is) worth mentioning in this period and I also don't want it to end so I am avoiding watching it a bit. Because I know that Roman will die and it can never be a sunset ending for DeRo in any way so I have been keeping it for a while... But now I guess I will have to continue the story. I adore DeRo so very much! There is some kind of perfection there that I cant really describe... So thank you Igor for sharing this with us! You can watch the clip here.

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