Tuesday, 22 July 2014


This summer4 a new series started on the american TV channel FX called Tyrant. It's a drama series with 10 episodes in the first season starring Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan and Ashraf Barhom among others. The series is about Bassam "Barry" Al Fayeed (adam Rayner) who returns to his home country Abbudin from USA. Abbudin is a made up country in the Middle East. It's a quite good series about power and terror, to put it simply and there is also a little bit gay in it. Yay!

Noah Silver as Sammy Al Fayeed

Barry Al Fayeed has a teenage son who is gay and he hooks up with a local boy called Abdul. Sammy Al Fayeed is played by the lovely Noah Silver and Abdul is played by Mehdi Dehbi.

Noah Silver and Mehdi Dehbi.

Unfortunately it dosen't seem to go so smooth for Sammy to get some love because Abdul seems to be a little bit as a player. It is quite entertaining to se a middle eastern gay player.

I for one think it's quite pleasant viewing and I hope it will continue to be. It's really well done. For example, David Yates directed the pilot. Yes, the same David Yates that directed Harry Potter. And it's especially entertaining for us Swedes to watch the show because both Fares Fares and Alexander Karim is starring in Tyrant. Good Swedish actors in a good TV-series. Win-win.

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