Wednesday, 19 February 2014

We love Germany

We love Germany. And we love german soap operas. German soap operas usually have good gay storylines. And here are the highlights in chronological order.

Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (1992)
This soap opera has had two bigger gay storylines through the years.

Laurent Daniels, Ralf Benson and Herbert Ulrich.

In 1997-2000 Philip Krüger was a regular in the show and he had two bigger relationships, first with Fabian Moreno (who apparently swung both ways) and then Simon Nilsson (who actually was a murderer who stole his victims identity. Well done Philip!

Then in 2007 Leonard "Lenny" Cöster entered the series. Oh joy! Lenny had a beautiful storyline with Carsten Reimann 2008-2010 with the ingredients of violence, abuse, denial and finally some love and sex. If you haven't seen it, prepare yourself for a long wait until there is some action, but it is well worth waiting for!

Felix Isenbügel and Alexander Becht.

Lenny and Carsten are being played by the wonderful Alexander Becht and Felix Isenbügel. The couple left the series because they moved from Berlin, and there actually was a happy ending! But there is still hope that they will return to Berlin and to Gute Zeiten, schlecthe Zeiten in a future not to far away.

Unter uns (1994)
Unter uns started in 1994 but we had to wait until 2013 before we had a real gay storyline. I actually don't understand why it took so long. But last year the tv-audience found out that Richard "Ringo" Beckmann (Timothy Boldt) at least was bi when he started some kind of relationship with the new guy in town, Yannick Benhöfer (Eric Stehfest).

Timothy Boldt and Eric Stehfest.

Ringo and Yannick formed Yango and soon qot popular all over the world. Unfortunately the story was short when Ringo almost beated Yannick to death. Ringo isn't only gay/bi, he is also a real homophobe! Well Unter Uns, when you waited so long to give us a real gay storyline, why did you take it away from us so soon? Not very nice.

Verbotene Liebe (1995)
Verbotene Liebe means forbidden love and maybe that's why the have had so many gay and lesbian storylines through the years. Yes, gay and lesbian love is forbidden in some countries. But not in Germany.

Broder B. Hendrix.

Anyhow, the first big gay storyline was the one with Gero von Sterneck in the nineties. In 1995-1999 you could see Gero snog both Lukas and Markus. You can watch Geros story on youtube, but prepare your self for some woody storylines. But we like it anyways. Even woody storylines are good storylines.

Less woody is the storyline of Tom Seifert and Ulrich "Ulli" Prozeski in 1999-2000. It's a quite ordinary gay love story where one of the characters (Tom) is out and about and (Ulli) is still in the closet, and the one in the closet doesn't really like the other. Finally the become friends and starts snogging and then you can figure out the rest by yourself.

Andreas Stenschke and Kay Böger.

Tom and Ulli has a lot of memorable scenes together and is well worth watching. The New Years eve scene in by the open fire is relly a classic!

When Ulli moves to München Tom and Ulli break up and Tom is quite fragile. That's why he is not that keen on being snogged at the following New Years eve by Olli. Oliver "Olli" Sabel is the bisexual that starts a relationship with Tom, that is almost broken up by a reappeared Ulli. But just almost.

Kay Böger and Jo Weil.

Actually, I never really liked the pairing with Tom and Olli. I think Tom should have chosen Ulli instead, and maybe the rest of internet agrees, because this is the only almost desent picture of them. And actually, when Verbotene Liebe had their 10th anniversary we learned that Tom and Ulli got together again! Well done Verbotene Liebe!

Thore Schölermann and Jo Weil.

Olli had to wait until 2007 when he came back to Düsseldorf and met the wonderful Christian Mann who is played by the lovely Thore Schölermann. By now Olli seems to just swing the male way and falls in love with his roommate Christian who is a boxer. And here we have a real supercouple! They even got married! Twice! Christian and Olli, that is Chrolli, became enormously popular and there are lots and lots of special scenes with the couples and numerous fanvids. And it actually is an ongoing storyline, but the aber is that Christian since 2013 lives in London and Oliver is still in Düsseldorf. Thore (or the writers) apparently thinks he has better things to do than snogging Jo Weil every day, so he is working as a host for some other tv-show in Germany. One (and a real good one) reapperance fron Christian has been made, and we hope for more. Christian come home!

Alles was zählt (2006)
Last but not least we have the youngest everyday german soap with a gay storyline and that is Alles was zählt from 2006. And here we meet our second gay german supercouple, Deniz and Roman. Roman Wild (Dennis Grabosch) is the figure skater that falls for the 17 year old ice hockey player Deniz Öztürk (Igor Dolgatschew) who of course is a little bit in the closet and is quite unwilling to get out of there at first. When he does he soon has the bad taste to start dating a woman instead but then he ends up with Roman anyway. Again, and again.

Igor Dolgatschew and Dennis Grabosch.

Well, it wouldn't be a soap opera if there weren't som on-and-off. But a supercouple it is and from this couple we got som real classic hot and steamy scenes! But as I've told before Roman dies from a brain tumor and Deniz has unfortunately only dated women since.

But in 2013 we are served a new gay guy in the middle of everything: Joscha!

Carlo Degen and Alexander Gier.

Joscha Degen is the gay brother of the dancer Lukas Levin. And Joscha is a professional football player. Do I have to say anymore. I don't even need to tell you how deep in the closet he is. But in right now in this ongoing story, Joscha have met his the smoking doctor Kai Seebach and of course he can't really hold his hands to himself. But the story is really enjoyable, the actors are great and the whole show is really, really funny and I hope that we will have a new supercouple in Joscha and Kai!

As you can see, the germans brings us one good and intriguing story after another and I for sure really enjoy watching them! The interaction that is going on between Thore Schölermann and Jo Weil/Dennis Grabosch and Igor Dolgatschew is really something besonderes.


  1. Good news is that Jo Weil is now playing in Alles Was Zählt

    1. I know! Have you seen anything of it? I haven't but I am dead curious!