Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Favourite fanvids ep.1

There is a lot of well-made fanvids on the tube that I can watch over and over again. Here is a handful of them with two of my favourite couples: Fervid and Larias.

If I would like a Fervid moment, and a little bit of a cheer up, I am watching this. This contains everything you need of Fervid, if you don't have time to watch the whole storyline again, that is; all the kisses. And it ends where the story really should end, where David snatches Fer from Borja at their wedding. I don't know anything about death. I am in denial. And also, it contains two good songs. And this song by The Script is really suitable.

This one is also a cheer-up. This fanvid is about the actors, Adrian Rodriguez and Javier Calvo and you can see what a great the two of them had back then. Love it!

Larias, that is Elias (Petteri Paavola) and Lari (Ronny Roslöf), from the Finnish soap Salatut Elämät (secret lives) are also a big favourite. Also a youtube-discovery that made me really unsocial one weekend because I just couldn't stop watching. My favourite fanvid at the moment is the one with the nice cuts.

I really love how the maker of this vid has cut the scenes perfect to the music! And the music! Ed Sheeran's Give me love couldn't have been more beautifully visualized than this. It's a shame though that we couldn't have the whole song...

And I really love the song Some nights by Fun and I love Larias. Do I need to say more?

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