Monday, 15 December 2014


Pete Lattu as Kalle Laitela.

I've realized one thing. I've realized that Larias is quite boring. Especially Elias is boring. Lari is alright. Especially when he is with Kalle, because Kalle really is the most interesting, complex and loveable gay character in Salatut Elämät. MissFinlandia88 does a really great job uploading and translating the Larias scenes in Salatut Elämät, but it really is a bit boring nowdays. I loved the Larias story when I found it but now I enjoy the Kalle (and Lari) storyline so much more! There is an older storyline of Kalle from 1999-2002 which contains Kalle's first crush, coming out and a bit of Ismo homophobia. But back then, there was no youtube-days so to get the hands on that storyline means you have to rip it from a DVD, or maybe if you have an old VHS. Sinientomaatti has made some DVD-rips, but the storyline ends in the middle of the drama when the production company decided not to release more DVD's from these years. What a shame. Hopefully there will be re-decisions.

A slightly older Pete Lattu.

Ok, there is nothing wrong with the Larias storyline, but it is so 2013. 2014 (and hopefully 2015) it is Kalle and Lari that is the thing. Petteri Paavola and Ronny Roslöf does a really good job, but Peter Lattu is a really really good actor and he brings a whole new dimension to the series. I ship Kalle and Lari. But it is a shame that it is no good fandom pairing name for these guys. I mean Kari or Lalle doesn't really work... I have a great wish. I wish that someone starts translating and uploading the Kalle storyline as well on youtube, whatever happens to him and Lari. I think it is much more interesting than the Larias storyline. I would do it yself if a new any Finnish, but "ei saa peittää" and "moi mukulat" is not enough. But Kalle is my favourite character in Salatut Elämät, and he really deserves a lot more attention!

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