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Gay weddings

Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton at their wedding.

This week the first gay male wedding i a daytime soap in USA happened. There are a lot of daily, and long-running, soaps in USA so it was about time. The supercouple Will Horton (played by Guy Wilson, previously by Chandler Massey) and Sonny Kiriakis (played by Freddie Smith) from Days of our lives finally tied bands. The couple has been an item since 2012 and finally there was a wedding. It was just as sugery and sleazy as to expect from an american wedding. This with own wedding vows is nothing we are used to in Sweden. We are quite sparing with feelings. But it was cute and we do need lot's and lot's of same sex weddings in american TV.

Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell in Brothers & Sisters.

It has happened before, but not in a daytime show. In 2008 Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane) got married in the ABC series Bothers & Sisters. They even had Calista Flockhart (Kevin's sister Kitty) as a wedding officiant. The couple are cute as hell and they even got children. We need more of those role models in american TV.

There might be more gay weddings in american TV-shows but they are few. And we have some here and there in the world, but it is not naturally obvious that a same-sex couple can get married, not even in soaps. It is not for instance not allowed in Finland and Germany, the home of Larias, Chrolli and DeRo among others. But that didn't stop Christian and Oliver to get married - twice.

Jo Weil and Thore Schölermann as Olli and Christian.

In Germany it is allowed to enter into partnership since 2001, and that's what Christian Mann (Thore Schölermann) and Oliver Sabel (Jo Weil) did in 2010. And then again in 2012 after a divorse they regretted just a couple of days afterwards. But in Verbotene Liebe, Christian and Olli never talked about anything else than that they were going to get married. The first wedding was even in a church, with a homosexual priest. You can make a "real" church wedding, even though you are not allowed to. But it is really about time for Germany to institute same sex marriage while being such a modern and gay-friendly country.

Menno Kuiper and Lucas Sanders in white.

The Netherlands was the first country to institute same-sex weddings in 2001 and this year they even got a soap gay wedding. Lucas Sanders (ferry Doedens) finally got to keep a love and gets to marry Menno Kuiper (Dave Mantel) in white, in a church (it seems) with Lucas father as a wedding officiant. Beautiful!

Christian Clarke and Syed Masood.

And there finally was a wedding between Christian Clarke (John Partridge) and Syed Masood (Marc Elliott in the British long running show Eastenders. It almost didn't happen, but Syed appeared just in the last second before the wedding officiant left. This happened in 2012, but it was not until this year, 2014, the law about same-sex marriages has became reality for the citicens of England, Wales and Scotland. Northen Ireland still has som leaps to go. In the Christian and Syed wedding Christian said in his (yet again quite cheesy) vows to Syed that he loves him more than all the stars in the heaven. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

David and Fer kissing, after David's been steeling one of the grooms.

There almost was a gay wedding in Spanish Física o Química in 2010 between Fer and Borja, but just as the couple was going to say yes, David entered the chapel and Fer got doubts. After kissing in the rain and becoming wet, fer decided to go for David instead (yay!) and the couple even asked the wedding officiant to marry them right there and then. But she didn't want to. Bummer. The home country of the actors Adrian Rodriguez and Javier Calvo has gender neutral marriage since 2005, so it could have become reality, right there and then. Unfortunately Fer dies in the next season. Bummer again.

Stefan Holmberg and Micki Sandell.

Exept for the wedding between Jens Erik and Thomas Wallin in Danish 2900 Happiness I am not aware of any gay marriages in a nordic soap opera or TV-series but the one between Micki Sandell and Stefan Holmberg in Rederiet in 2000. But, and there is a but, same-sex marriages was not instituted in Sweden until 2009, so this was actually a registered partnership. Why do we always have to be so slow in Sweden? We need more same-sex marriages on Swedish television, and in television in general. Love is beautiful and we really do need to teach our children that lova has multiple faces and why not on TV? I borrow the words from Tiamat and say that: It's about time we all get out and vote for love!

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