Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Favourite fanvids ep.2

It's time. It's time for episode 2. It's really time for some nice fanvids. And it's definitely time for DeRo.

Deniz and Roman really are one of my absolute favourites. They are really cute and the actors Dennis Grabosch and Igor Dolgatschew really have good chemistry. It is really obvious that they like each other. The couples had three break ups and got together for a fourth time before Roman died. What a shame. But this is a couple with lots of on-and-off drama and lots of tears. But my favourite video is one where there are just happiness.

It's abit blurry but worth watching it anyway. More than three minutes snogging and pure DeRo happiness. You just have to love it! The music is Don't wake me up with Chris Brown.

There is also lots of love and happiness in this version on We found love, performed by Alex Goot. The version is really nice and the fanvid is quite steamy. Prepare yourself.

Another couple with lot's of on-and-offs are Chrolli, Christian and Oliver. A fanvid with a lot more pain is this version of Coldplays lovely song Fix you, performed by Boyce Avenue & Tyler Ward. Many of the scenes is from their first break up, between the first and the second wedding. it's even though a beautiful fanvid with beautiful music, and I really like it. And again, the chemistry between Thore Schölerman and Jo Weil playing Christian and Oliver is amazing. Those kisses!

But we really need som happy Chrolli to, so let's watch some early Chrolli with Shut up and sleep with me by Sin with Sebastian. Everything get's good with Sin with Sebastian. Especially German gays. Just so you know.

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